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Partner & Senior Advisor
Contact No. 9959389270

Mr. Suneel Kumar Goud, B.Com, FCA

Contact No. 9884341701

15+ years of rich experience in Internal Audit , Accounts, Finance & Taxation

Exposure with Manufacturing/Trading/service Companies & Construction Companies

Previous experience with SATAYM, VST INDUSTRIES, NEEYAMO, SHELL and ZUMAN in the Areas of Taxation, GAAP & IFRS Accounting, Payroll processing, Implementation of Accounting policies and handling tax notices.

Key Achievements in the Various industries :

SATYAM : Handling CBI queries with substantial fact and cogent proof. Got High Quality Achievement AWARD

VST INDUSTRIES : Cleared all legacy tax notices by establishing adequate evidence to the Tax Authorities

SHELL : Migrated US corporate taxation process ( Longest and complex migration) and led the 15 members.

Member of LEARNING and DEVELOPMENT ( FAS and IRS publications ) and imparted knowledge to the team in the key Areas.

Efficacy of my works saved $ 30 M tax. Awarded with Centre finance lead.

NEEYAMO : Established Accounting systems, Automated payroll process for Clients. And Aawrded with "EMPLOYEE of the YEAR"

ZUMAN : Worked as Finance Director to handle INDIA, UKRAINE and USA entities.

Developed Finance products in the Areas of Finance, payroll and benefit reconciliation.

Processed 200 client’s payroll and their compliances. Reconciled Zuman and Clients Revenue leakages and established controls.

First person in the company in getting Peak Award for demonstrating Hard work, Enthsiasm and Excellence Manage $ 100 Millions fund of 150 clients by closing the respective client’s books on monthly basis

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